A Good Nights Sleep = Better Job Performance

We understand the importance of a good nights sleep.  That is why we have created partnerships with reputable housing brands all across the country.  We like to give you freedom and explore housing on your own, but we are always there with options and ideas to put you in the best possible living situation.

We are here to help you understanding the location, rates and all the fine print.

Housing Types

When it comes to housing types, we try to achieve your wants and needs.  Whether it be floor location, service animal-friendly or have a hot breakfast, we will try our best to make it happen.  All you need to do is provide those request to your recruiter.  The types we offer:

  • Extended Stays

  • Hotels

  • Facility Housing

  • airbnb

Housing Cost

If only there was a way to make the cost of housing universal.  But we all know, a long-term stay in California is going to be different than a stay in Arkansas.  It is your money so we want to make sure you get the right things and don’t overpay for the wrong:

  • Negotiate Miscellaneous w/ Properties

  • Weekly Instead of Daily Room Cleaning

  • Compted Internet For Stay

  • Tax Free Benefits

Housing Stipend

The stipend you receive is tailored to the compensation package offered.  Bismark and Miami are two different locations so understand numbers will be a little different.  As a staff, we will be transparent and tackle any questions or concerns.

  • Top Of The Line Package

  • Full Breakdown Locations

  • Qualifying Stipend Advancement

  • Facility Stipend

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