Compliance Is A Protection Between All Parties

At Zack Group, we strive to make the compliance process very smooth.  We understand there are documents requested that are hard to get, but a strong partnership and great communication will lead all parties to a successfull start date.  That is why we offer some of the best help across the nation.

If there are any questions about the items below, or what has been sent as part of the onboarding packet, please reach out to: or your recruiter


First off, we are wanting to make sure we cover the 5 primary items we require to move forward with any position.  Some you will have and some we will help you obtain.  Keep in mind, many positions will require more than this:

  • Active License | Valid Certification

  • Health Assessment | TB

  • Background

  • Drug Screen

  • Facility Specific Documents


At Zack Group, we will always encourage you to expand your boundaries and help you obtain those licenses.  Some of the best memories and working environments have come from stepping outside your comfort zone.  We offer:

  • State Board Information

  • Reimbursement*

  • Renewal Options

  • Step By Step Guidance

  • *After Completing 72hrs on Assignment


Certifications come and go and when you are on the road, at home or on the floor, finding the time to complete your certification can be troublesome.  At Zack Group, we have skilled trainers across the nation to help you as needed.

  • Certification Reimbursement*

  • Nationwide Network

  • Facility Assistance

  • CEU Information

  • *After Completing 72hrs on Assignment

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