Do you like exploring?  We have some jobs for you.

Traveling across the country opens up new opportunities and creates lifelong memories.  At Zack Group, we understand the questions and concerns that come with stepping outside your comfort zone.  Our team of professionals will take you from start to finish and this will allow you to make a clear decision on your future as a travel nurse.

Contact a Travel Recruiter at 913.951.2995 or email


When it comes to benefits, we know this is an important part of any package.  Our dedicated team will take the time to provide you with all the information and material to help make a decision on which plan works best for you.


The flexibility on housing options will give you control over how the stipend is spent.  Your happiness is very important to us and our housing team will work to make sure we meet all your housing needs.

Compensation & Rewards

With Zack Group, your compensation is unlimited.  Packages will be discussed based on destination and you will be paid every Friday.  As you meet other nurses, referring them over to Zack Group will put extra cash in your pocket.  Just ask us how!


As you make it through the credentialing process, you will quickly realize why we are Joint Commission Certified.  The compliance process is detailed and will provide protection for you and the facility.  We believe in doing it right the first time.

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